Knapp's Traditional/Speed Metal assault sign with Moribund! Click logo for press release!

Welcome to the official website of guitarist/composer Toby Knapp. Since being discovered by world class guitar talent scout Mike Varney in the early 90's, Knapp has went on to record several albums for prestigious labels such as Shrapnel Records, Century Media, Shredguy and Moribund Records to name a few. Knapp is known as a significant force in multiple Metal genres such as Progressive, Traditional Metal, Black Metal and Death Metal. Knapp's work has earned him a modest fanbase of listeners who have sought him out in the underground and have been audience to a unique, unpredictable and entertaining musical journey. The Journey continues and this is the official source for news, music, merchandise, performances, pics and archives of the past.  




Finally, Onward's never heard fourth album surfaces! Click cover to order!



Big Cartel TK shop downgraded 

We have had to temporarily lower the inventory of what can be sold, for awhile we had a good run with Knapp's entire catalog in stock. Too many titles are out of print and sold out for good. We will change up the list every few weeks based on what can be attained so the rare stuff will be available as specials when we can locate some! Here is our current listing: TOBY KNAPP SHOP


Things continue to come out of the TK camp that baffle the mind. A new Onward album called "New Fathoms Down" with the late Michael Grant on vocals! This was recorded prior to "The Neverending Sun" but Knapp/Grant decided to hang on to the demos of the album for later use. Knapp recently fixed and finished those demos and we now have a full length cd  out on Shredguy Records! Order by clicking the NFD album cover above!


Lots of happenings going on in the TK music world. So a quick update. Berklee Press/Hal Leonard publications have released guitar virtuoso Joe Stump's instructional book "Metal Guitar Chop Shop" which in addition to Joe's excellent learning tools, includes brief commentary from Knapp.  Waxen's "Agios Holokauston" is out! You can get it from Moribund Records directly or demand it from your local shops- Moribund has strong distribution! Touring bassist and backing vocalist for Matt Barlow's band Ashes of Ares, Dean Sternberg, has finished his vocal tracks for the "Where Evil Follows" debut. WEF has signed to Moribund and has a vinyl deal with Pure Steel Records-the album is due in Sept. 2014! The Johansson/Knapp cd "Unborn Spirits Immortal" is finished and is a killer storm of fiery frets and heavy as fuck composition available very soon on Shredguy Records. Knapp has completed guest solos for famed underground artist/illustrator/musician Mark Riddick in Mark's one man death/gore/black metal machine FETID ZOMBIE (Mark designed the WEF logo!) more info. on that album soon! Toby has also completed guest solos for a track on label mate Sean Baker's new album! This song features scorching trade offs between Baker, Knapp and the legendary Bruce Bouillet (Racer X, The Scream, solo artist). Baker's album will be out this summer on Shredguy Records!


Knapp's newest sinister Speed Metal onslaught "Where Evil Follows" is complete! The band's debut,  titled "Portable Darkness", should appeal in particular to fans of Onward as well as classic early 80's Traditional Metal and Speed Metal bands. Searing guitar solos and riffs reminiscent at times of classic Mercyful Fate, Agent Steel, Vicious Rumors, Helstar and even Cacophony albums combine with soaring and intelligent vocals. The vocals were recently tracked at Moordeb Studios in New York and this will be released by Moribund Records in sept/nov 2014. Pure Steel Records will handle the vinyl release in Europe- stay tuned! If you are a fan of pure, raging traditional metal- this is not to be missed! WEF wants to TOUR!!

Germany's Pure Steel Records recently re-issued the first two Onward albums "Evermoving" and "Reawaken" for the first time on vinyl. Excellent new artwork depicting magic and wizardry, remastered, killer gatefold with lyrics and liner notes from Knapp. Get them now while supplies last direct from Pure Steel Records (click Onward link above). Pure Steel will be releasing more of Knapp's work on vinyl in the future.

Knapp's one man Black Metal project, Waxen, has signed with elite Black/Death Metal label Moribund Records! A recent press release issued by the label reads: "Today, MORIBUND RECORDS sets May 27th as the release date for WAXEN's Agios Holokauston. WAXEN is the cult solo-project of metal vet and scene legend Toby Knapp (Onward, Toby Knapp band, GODLESS RISING), and Agios Holokauston is WAXEN's first album for MORIBUND and second overall. But above all, Agios Holokauston is dark 'n' dazzling display of Knapp's songwriting acumen and technical mastery. Handling all instruments, complex 'n' coiling black metal is ripped asunder with Knapp's characteristic brand of shred, his six-string sorcery winding 'n' wending through all manner of riff catacombs yet always locating a haunting, poignant place for the listener to dwell. But no matter where WAXEN's diabolical vision goes, Knapp never loses sight of heavy metal songcraft." The album has already landed Knapp positive press from Metal Forces and a full interview in the April issue of AGAINST magazine!




Knapp in recent issue of Asia's largest guitar publication, Gitar Plus.




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